HACKETTS PIPELINE - Industrial Pipe System Supplies

UK supplier of steel tube, malleable iron fittings, pipe clamps, flanges, valves, welding fittings and pipe support systems.

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

We import, distribute and stock a large range of malleable iron pipe fittings BS EN10242 (formerly BS1256 and BS143) for use in a variety of applications including sprinkler systems, air conditioning systems and water, steam, gas and oil installations. All our malleable iron pipe fittings are available in either the galvanised finish for added protection against corrosion or the black finish to protect against rust.

Key Clamps

Hacketts Pipeline recommend Fastclamp ® tubular fittings that are a range of key clamp fittings manufactured from malleable iron to BS EN1562:1997 and ductile iron (where noted) to BS EN1563:1997.

The Fastclamp® range of key clamps offers a variety of fittings that allow for a myriad of different lightweight structures such as handrailing, guardrailing, barriers, disabled ramps, frames, canopies and even shop fittings. Whatever the requirement, Fastclamp® key clamp range allows you to create structures to your own size and specification.

Steel Tube
Steel Tube EN10255 (formerly BS1387:1985)

Our steel tube for all air, water and gas installations meets the EN10255 (formerly BS1387:1985) regulations and can be supplied in either self colour, red primer finish for added protection against rust or galvanised finish for protection against corrosion. There is also the option for hot rolled steel tube which is recommended for bending or cold rolled for other applications.
We also offer cut pieces of steel tube which can be supplied either threaded with a socket for connecting to another length of tube or finished with a plain end for the option of welding or threading on site.

API/A106 HFS Line Pipe
Our line pipe for all higher pressure air, water, oil, gas and steam installations meets the API/A106 HFS regulations and is supplied externally coated with an air drying varnish and is used in conjunction with our welding fittings and flanges. We also offer cut pieces of line pipe in plain end for welding.

We supply high quality industrial brass, cast iron, bronze and stainless steel valves for threaded and flanged applications. Our range of valves includes ball valves including British Gas Approved, gate valves, butterfly valves, knife valves, check valves, pressure relief valves, flow indicators, sight gauges and level gauges.

We have a vast stock of a wide range of high quality flanges that meet either ANSI, BS10 or BS4504 standards.

ANSI standard flanges are designated a number that relates to the class of the pipe flange. BS10 standard flanges specify the requirements needed for the manufacture of pipe fittings where the relationship between temperature and pressure according to specific materials is illustrated.

We offer the following flange designs:

Weld Neck Flange These flanges are drilled to a point where the wall thickness is machined to match the dimensions of the pipe. The lighter the pipe is, the larger the bore must be and vice versa. These flanges can be used for high pressure, hot and cold applications.

Slip-On Flange These flanges are bored to a slightly larger size than the pipe’s diameter. The pipe is then slipped into the flange and welded.
Screwed flanges These flanges are easily attached to a threaded pipe without welding. These flanges are ideal for high pressure and temperature applications for smaller pipe.

Blind Flanges These flanges have no bore and are used in applications to close the end of the pipe systems.

Butt Weld Fittings We offer a range of EN 10253 (formerly BS1640 AND BS1965) standard, medium and heavy weight butt weld fittings in carbon steel for the requirements of oil, petrochemical, water and other allied industry installations. They are available in elbows, bends, tees, reducers and caps in a range of sizes to match the tube you are fitting and their dimensions are in accordance with EN10255 (formerly BS1387), API/A106 and ANSI B16.9 dimensions.

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